I’ll put my fingers in all the pies, come and stop me

Yesterday I wrote about the different kinds of pressure and how it can impede the creative process. I posted it on my Discord channel, surprised that almost everyone related to the flightly, bipple-bopple rumba of jumping from one interest to the next.

I talked about this with The Wise One (my boyfriend, obviously, since he’s just so full of witty-isms), and we discussed what it means to have several interests. Unlike the rest of us mortals, le wise one has problems focusing too much on one given thing that he has little interest on others (thank goodness I’m one of them *sweats*). He started learning art when he as 14 and has never looked back. The results speak for themselves, as his art is amazing! I’ve been jealous of his continued rise to power and it’s a good thing he has an 80-year-old man’s opinion on social media, or else he will be too powerful to stop.

Despite his razor sharp focus, he acknowledges our differences, and he’s the first one to encourage me about my changeable tastes.

There is an idea about nurturing this spontaneity, embracing the multi-faceted levels of your interests. If you want to do both art and writing, you can. If you want to do both music and bungee jumping, you can! The world is not limited to just one thing, and with our world bombarded with so many cool and interesting ideas, it needs this creativity more than ever. Originality is mixing two different concepts to come up with a new homogeneous mix after all, and maybe your hodgepodge of eclectic tastes will inspire a new genre. No matter what you do, I am also in the belief that all those things will have a unique touch that tie them together as yours. It will have an identity.

The caveat of course, is if you want to do two things at the same time, you must do both things at the same time. This means double the effort, double the time. It will probably take you longer creating a career out of “playing saxophone as I paint a portrait with my bare foot” than pursuing either one.

Still, this does encourage me to cultivate my different tastes. I don’t have to feel bad for my changeability. I won’t punish my fickleness. I am a changeable, moving, living, breathing thing, and I can move anyway I want. Instead of fickleness, let’s call it curiosity, let’s call it being open-minded. In your twilight years, what really matters is if you’ve lived your life to the fullest anyway!


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